Museumize:King Tut Coffin Egyptian Incense Burner 11L - 7521

King Tut Coffin Egyptian Incense Burner 11L

PN# 7521
  • $19.49 USD

The coffin of King Tut is here adapted as an Incense burner. Made from resin with hand painted color details, measures: 11 in L x 2.5 in W x 2 in H. Note: incense cone pictured is not included. Weighs 0.8 lbs.

The boy pharaoh King Tutankhamun ruled Egypt for a very short time (New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, 1336/5-1327 BC) but his legacy lives on. The stunning sarcophagus and death mask are probably the most famous works of art from the boy-king Tutankhamen's tomb. Discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter, the burial site reveals the attention given to the deceased as a place for the ka or soul to return. Preserved by a lengthy mummification process, the body was embalmed under the supervision of a priest for over a month in a special solution and the organs were removed for special preparation.

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