Laurel Wreath Ancient Victory Symbol Metal Wall Hanging 9.5H

PN# 6534-9
  • $29.95 USD

The laurel wreath has been given to great scholars, artists, soldiers, Roman emperors and victorious athletes, since the times of Ancient Greeks. Its use originated with the Pythian Games, a Panhellenic festival in honor of Apollo.

The laurel tree had been part of the mythology around the god Apollo from the famous story of his pursuit of Daphne. When Apollo annoyed Eros (Cupid) by suggesting that his iron arrows were mightier than Eros' golden arrows, Eros pierced Apollo with the golden arrow and Daphne with the iron arrow. Apollo fell hopelessly in love with Daphne who became repelled by Apollo. When Apollo pursued her endlessly, she asked for help and was turned into a laurel tree. Distraught, Apollo wore a wreath on his head made from laurel leaves.

Our laurel wreath is designed for hanging on the wall by the hoop at top. It is made from metal, gold finish. Leaves can be pulled up to give it more depth.

Measures 9.5 inch H (top of ring to bottom) x 8.75 inch W x 0.5 inch D. Weighs 10 ounces. PN 6534-9.

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