Male Nude Bowing Over Crossed Legs with Arms Outstretched Statue 10.5L

PN# 10016
  • $54.90 USD

This man bows over his crossed legs and reaches out with his arms. The pose is graceful and harmonic from a variety of angles. If you enjoy drawing from a male nude or appreciate the muscular extension of human form, this male nude statue will captivate you. The extended arms form the shape of wings in perfect balance.

It is a small sculpture measuring 3.75 in H but 10.5 in W. The projection of form is the long way from finger tip to finger tip. Place it on your desk or a riser in a book case so that you have an opportunity to view it close up and from multiple angles.

  • Male Nude Statue with Open Arms like wings is made from resin with a bronze finish.
  • Measures 3.75 in H x 10.5 in W x 4.5 in D. Weighs 1.2 lbs.

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