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Mancala African Stone Folding Travel Game 17L - 8495 -

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Have fun with kids whiles you travel! This edition of Mancala African Stone Game is made from Solid Malaysian Oak Wood and measures 17 in L x 4 1/2 in W when folded open. It comes with an assorted mix of glass stones for the playing pieces. It is a good size for taking in the car or to the beach for vacation play time.

The captivating African Stone Game finds its origin in ancient times. It is believed to date back as far as 7,000 years. The game was played by scooping out pits and calas in the sand and using pebbles, shells, or even diamonds as stones. Variations are now played all over the world by people of all ages. It is a stimulating game for adults as well as educational for children.

History of the Game Mancala: A count and capture game, could very well be the oldest board game in the world. Historians believe that this African Stone game originated in Egypt sometime before 1400 B.C. from boards and counters used for accounting purposes.

Despite its primitive origins, Mancala is a mathematical game with complexity that is said to rival the game of chess. It is enjoyed by people all around the world, from royalty to the common man, adults and children alike, in cities and in villages of all different sizes.

NOTE: Toy contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years. For Ages 8 and Up. 2 Players.

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