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Maasai Aboriginal African Acacia Mimosa Floral Serengeti Essential Fragrance Oils -

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The Maasai are a group of people inhabiting southern Kenya and northern Tanzania in the African Serengeti. Their colorful dress and elaborate jewelry evoke a vibrant culture from an earlier age. This fragrance is a mixture of mimosa flowers and ginesta broom branches. It has a powdery sweet floral beginning and finishes with hint of straw and grassy plains. It reminds one of the scents at sunset in the African plains when the sunlight is orange and red.

    Very high quality essential fragrance oil blend made in Spain by Flaires. Designed as fragrance oil to be mixed with creams, soaps, and oils.

    • 15ml bottle (0.5oz). PN L-208
    • Olfactory Family: Floral, sweet.
    • Components: Acacia, Mimosa, Ginesta.
    • Esoteric Use: Relaxing.

    A fundamental myth for the Masai is Ngai, the creative divinity of the world. At the beginning it was the sky or the earth, it could be everywhere, so it had all the cattle. But one day the earth and the sky separated. Then Ngai lost his power on earth reigning only in the heavens. The cattle became thus helpless. He needed sustenance, so Ngai, agonizingly, sent the Masai to care for their herds with the roots of the sacred tree, a task that defines the responsibility par excellence of the Masai as adults. They overlap the elements, not with the tree that actually feeds the cattle, but with the pastures.

    The Maasai recognize, in a mythical past, the existence of the Oldorobo or Torrobo. They are imaginary beings, who inhabited the world before the world. The Masai believe that these primitive beings were also Masai (they do not refer to the human race) and that they lived in an earthly paradise (Parakwo). These Torrobo adopted the Masai language and joined them to bring them the rain, teach them the emorata rite (circumcision) and deal with the dead.

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