Matisse Goldfish in Vase on Table Miniature Porcelain Teapot 3.5H

PN# 9010
  • $44.00 USD

Reviving the 17th-century English tradition of painting on enamel, this miniature teapot has a reproduction of Henri Matisse's Goldfish in Vase on Table Painting 1911. The goldfish swim in a cylindrical vase on a small cafe table. The colors are pink mauve and black background, green foliage, and orange fish. Henri Matisse is associated with the post-expressionist art movement of the early 20th century. He used bold bright colors, heavy outlines, and a flattened approach to painting the subjects. His artwork has a joy of life feeling often on large canvases.

For the past few years, these highly collectible teapots have captured the hearts of collectors for their adorable hand painted and glazed details. They are signed as part of the Kelvin Chen collection of mini teapots. They pay tribute to masterpiece artists from the 19th and 20th century.

Made from porcelain, hand painted enamel on all sides, hinged lid, decorative use only, approx. 3.5 inches H x 4.5 inches long (handle to end of spout) x 1.5 inches D. Weighs 0.4 lbs. (PN 9010)

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