Medical Profession Marble Caduceus Bookends 6H

Medical Profession Marble Caduceus Bookends 6H

PN# 4493-BRN
  • $89.00 USD

The caduceus is the medical symbol seen on these gorgeous marble bookends. The caduceus double serpent insignia comes from the Greco/Roman god Mercury (Hermes). Alchemists were referred to as the sons of Hermes. By the end of the sixteenth century, the study of alchemy included not only medicine and pharmaceuticals but chemistry, mining, and metallurgy. Many argue that the single snake staff of Asclepius is the proper symbol of medicine, but many medical groups instead have preferred to adopt the twin serpent caduceus of Mercury (Hermes). This may be due in part to the official adoption as the insignia for the Medical Department of the United States Army in 1902.

Marble Bookends for those dedicated and determined souls of medicine who take up the medical profession are symbolized in these bookends. With all the school they went through, these bookends should support a hefty amount of the texts that helped these doctors become the professionals they are today.

These bookends are made from marble, brass details, 6 in H x 4 in W x 2 in D each. Weight 8-9 lbs for the pair. PN 4493-BRN

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