Museumize:Medieval Knight Holding Lance Statue - 8540

Medieval Knight Holding Lance Statue

PN# 8540
  • $49.50 USD

This Medieval Knight holds a very long lance or spear. The Lance weapon would be used by a knight mounted on horseback allowing him to defend himself in battle from a distance. The lance is familiar from movies as the preferred weapon during a jousting battle between two armored knights. Notice this knight's suit of armor has heavy protection around his neck and head, with only a small opening for him to look out. This would have been a very heavy and an awkward suit of armor for maneuvering, yet very protective. We believe our Crusader Knight has the right gear to win his next battle! Add him to your collection of Medieval Knight statues for role playing and learning about medieval history.

Medieval Knight Holding Lance Statue is made from resin with a pewter and gold finish, and measures 14 3/8"H.

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