Museumize:Medieval Knight on Horse with Decorative Armor - 8560

Medieval Knight on Horse with Decorative Armor

PN# 8560
  • $56.00 USD

This medieval knight has a very ornamental armor suit. His horse is equally as stylish with intricately detailed eye guards, breast plate, and red leather looking rear cover. The Knight is poised for battle as his horse appears to be walking forward over outdoor terrain. Our statue of an elegant knight would make a special addition to your collection of art and history from the Middle ages. Made from resin with hand-painted color details, pewter finish, and brown coloring on the horse, it is a lifelike study of an era long ago. Measures 13.25"H.

Medieval Knight and Riding Horse are well protected with their detailed suits of armor. Nothing is going to bring these warriors down while headed into battle. The Medieval knight is one of three types of fighting men during the Middle Ages: Knights, Foot Soldiers, and Archers. Knights covered their bodies with plates of metal for protection. Plates of metal covered their chests, back, arms, and legs. Over time a Medieval Knights armor grew more effective. At first a knight wore chainmail to protect his body which then evolved into metal pieces covering his whole body. As the armor of the knight advanced, the knight also started to protect his horse with armor as well which was called barding. The horse was covered from head to tail with Shaffron on the head, Crinet on the neck, Crupper on the rear, and Peytral on the chest.

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