Museumize:Medieval Knight Standing with Sword and Shield - 8562

Medieval Knight Standing with Sword and Shield

PN# 8562
  • $48.00 USD

Medieval Knight Standing with Sword and Shield has detailed markings on his armor and shield. The color details are hand painted and his armor is polished. He is made from cold cast resin and measures 12.75"H.

During the Medieval times knights were soldiers. To become a knight you had to be a descendant of a knight. At the age of 8 is when a boy began his journey on becoming a knight. He was put through training including horse back riding, and how to fight with a sword. He was also taught how to fight and ride while wearing full armor. When the boy reached the age of 15 he became a squire. He would help a knight with his armor and with his horse and anything else the night needed. Once the boy proved he was worthy of becoming a night he was dubbed a night.

Through the years knights have developed their armor. At first they used chain mail as their armor. It was heavy and expensive to fix. Often knights has to replace their armor. Then over the years knights discovered using metal sheets to cover their bodies. Chain mail was still used for some parts of the armor. The metal plates was more suitable for a knight rather than the chain mail. These suits of armor were designed by the knights and had elaborate detail all over the armor. Knights also covered their horses with armor as well. Usually, they would engrave their family names or emblems on their armor.

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