Museumize:Medieval Knight with Face of Fury Helmet Statue - 8561

Medieval Knight with Face of Fury Helmet Statue

PN# 8561
  • $48.00 USD

Medieval Knight Standing is an elegant study of the intricate workmanship used to make suits of armor. Look closely at the ornamental pattern across his entire suit, the menacing face of fury on his helmet, and lion shields on his knees. As this Knight of the Middle Ages would approach his opponent, he would have been an intimidating force and a strong statement of his wealth and greatness. Knights typically came from wealthy families and nobility. Add this elegant Knight statue to your medieval collection and regard the beauty of a lost era. Medieval Knight with Sword Statue is made from resin with electroplated pewter finish, aged. Measures 11.75"H including black base.

During the Medieval times knights were soldiers. To become a knight you had to be a descendant of a knight. At the age of 8 is when a boy began his journey on becoming a knight. He was put through training including horse back riding, and how to fight with a sword. He was also taught how to fight and ride while wearing full armor. When the boy reached the age of 15 he became a squire. He would help a knight with his armor and with his horse and anything else the night needed. Once the boy proved he was worthy of becoming a night he was dubbed a night.

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