Citrus Flowers Mediterranean Breeze Essential Fragrance Oils

PN# L-209
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This Citrus Flower Mediterranean Breeze Essential Fragrance Oil by Flaires of Spain smells like an assortment of lemon, lime and orange citrus flowers floating through the air on a breezy evening. It immediately reminds one of popular scent used in today's soaps evoking a floral and clean aroma like a jasmine or honeysuckle.

    Very high quality essential fragrance oil blend made in Spain by Flaires. Designed as fragrance oil to be mixed with creams, soaps, and oils.

    • 15ml bottle (0.5oz). PN L-209
    • Olfactory Family: Floral.
    • Components: Lemon, lime, jasmine or honeysuckle.
    • Esoteric Use: refreshing.

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