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Mona Lisa Statue by Leonardo Da Vinci Bronze Finish 9H -

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From the notebooks of the Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, there is no record of the Mona Lisa model sitting for her portrait. Although some scholars have suggested that it is Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo, the wife of a prominent Florentine merchant, others speculate it may be daVinci himself due to their similar facial structure.

Could the Mona Lisa be smiling at us because Leonardo knows something we do not?

This Mona Lisa Sculpture by Leonardo da Vinci is clever three dimensional interpretation of the famous painting now in the Louvre Museum. PN 8715

Mona Lisa Statue is made from cold cast resin, in a bronze finish, measures 9 in H x 7 in L x 5 in W. Weighs 4 lbs.

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