Monet Waterlilies Nympheas Blue Green Square Print Poster Canvas, Assorted Sizes

PN# CM2165-12P
  • $36.00 USD

Monet painted the Waterlilies Nympheas in his garden many times, in different light, at different times of the day. The waterlilies float along in the vibrant blue water dotted with patches of green moss. Small yellow flowers are blooming on the lily pads.

  • Shape: square.
  • Digital print available either on paper or canvas wrap.
  • Sizes vary from 12 x 12 inches square up to 54 x 54 inches square.
  • Select a paper print if you plan to frame it. Select the canvas wrap if you want it ready to hang on the wall.
  • Frame not included.
  • Processing is 2 to 3 days before shipping.

Claude Monet (1840 - 1926): Aged 22, Monet, disappointed with traditional art education in Le Havre, moved to Paris He took lessons from Charles Gleyre, where he met Renoir, Bazille and Sisley. The group were strongly opposed to Classicism. They wanted to capture the fleeting light, with rapid brushstrokes and in elementary colors without worrying about the exactness of the representation of shapes. They worked en plein air (outdoors) which had become possible because paint was now available in tubes). They focused on daily life scenes without symbolism or an underlying message.

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