Museumize:Moses Holding Ten Commandments Sculpture - 6905

Moses Holding Ten Commandments Sculpture - 6905

PN# 6905
  • $65.25 USD

Moses meaning "Saved", was named by the Egyptian Princess who saved him from persecution ordered by her own father. Moses remained a Jew even as the Princess raised him as an Egyptian. After running from the law for killing an Egyptian in defense of a Jew, Moses heard the voice of God near a burning bush in the desert, instructing him to free the Jews from the Pharaoh. God made the Egyptians suffer 10 Plagues until the Pharaoh finally agreed to let the Jews go. Moses parted the Red Sea to let his people escape and led them to Sinai where he received the 10 Commandments from God. Moses remained the leader of his people and lived to be 120 years old.

Depicted here is Moses proclaiming to his people the written word of God. Moses Holding the Ten Commandments Statue is made from cold cast bronze, measures 13 3/4"H.

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