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Mummification Scene Sculpture with Anubis and Jackal Bench 5H -

  • 29.95 USD

The ancient Egyptian god Anubis is represented here embalming the body of the high official Sennedjem as part of the mummification process. We see the jackal headed god tending to a mummified human laying on a jackal headed bench. The mummification process is in the final stages as the decorative linen wrap sealed with sap has been completely wrapped around the deceased.

Students and children learning about ancient Egypt would enjoy seeing this visual representation of mummification, an important funerary process often talked about in school.

  • Anubis in Process of Mummification Statue is made from stone and resin with hand painted gold and color details, brown base with hieroglyphs.
  • Measures 5 in H x 4.5 in W x 2.5 in D. Weighs 1.3 lbs. (PN E-300SP)
  • Reproduced after original inspiration from Tomb of Senneden, Luxor, Egypt. 19th. Dynasty 1290-1224 B.C.

The process of mummification lasted seventy days. First, the body had ritual washings, then, most of the brain was taken out through an opening in the nose. The rest was dissolved with aromatic products. The heart, lungs and viscera were taken out and placed in four jars. The heart was replaced by one of ceramic or stone. The body submerged for seventy days in dry natron became incorruptible and finally it was washed, dried and bandaged with fine linen at the same time that sacred formulas were chanted.

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