Egyptian Woman with Large Blue Eyes Mother Goddess Figurine Miniature Statue 5H

PN# EG09
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Ancient Egyptian Woman Funerary Sculpture from Naqada (4000-3500 B.C. )
This beautiful, stylized figure of a woman was carved from ivory during the first Naqada period. Naqada is an Egyptian town on the west bank of the Nile. Because of the large quantity of remains from the town of Naqada, archaeologists have been able to date the duration of the ancient Egyptian culture. The large eyes of this nude woman were originally inlaid with precious lapis lazuli. In pre-dynastic Egypt such sculptures were often buried with the dead to ensure successful reincarnation.

  • Naqada Egyptian Figurine Replica is part of the Parastone Mouseion 3D Collection of museum replicas. PN EG09.
  • This small size replica is made from resin, hand painted finish, black metal stand. Figurine can be taken off stand and held in your hand.
  • Measures: 5 in H x 1.5 in W x 1.5 in D. Weight 0.1 lbs.

If you collect mother goddess figurines, this would be an unusual addition to your museum replicas collection!

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