Parthenon Frieze Riders on Horses Garden Wall Relief Hanging 58W

PN# 8230WH
  • $244.00 USD

This Parthenon Wall Relief Fragment is taken from the continuous frieze on the interior walls of the Parthenon in Athens. The frieze illustrates the Panathenaic Festival, an annual tribute to Athena who was the patron deity of Athens and this building. The segment shows Riders on Horses in a procession. The Parthenon was constructed in Athens by Perikles (Pericles) between 447 and 432 BC. It is the centerpiece of a collection of buildings on the Acropolis from the Classical Greek epoch.

Made from fiberglass resin, indoor or outdoor use, ready to hang, and measures 58 in W x 11 in H x 2 in D.

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Availability: Made to order 4-6 weeks. No rush processing.

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