Pericles Athenian Statesman Garden Greek Bust Large 23H

PN# 5617AS
  • $235.00 USD

Perikles (Pericles, 495-429 BC) was the leader of Athens, Greece from 460 until 430 BC during the age of Classical art and culture. He was responsible for helping to develop the first democracy in Western culture and its greatest monument, the Acropolis with ParthenonPericles Greek Statue Portrait Bust is reproduced after the original by Kresilas. On both sides of the bust area, there are indentations after the original where arms would have been attached. Ancient sculpture often was assembled as pieces of marble so that it could be re-purposed as necessary.

  • Size: 23 in H x 11 in W x 14 in D.
  • Material: fiberglass resin, indoor or outdoor use.
  • Weight: 15-18 lbs est.
  • Finish shown: Antique Grey.
  • Availability: Made to order, ships in 4 to 6 weeks.

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