Museumize:Philosophizing Monkey Holding Skull Trinket Box - 5672

Philosophizing Monkey Holding Skull Trinket Box Statue

PN# 5672
  • $50.63 USD

Who came from whom? Adapted after popular image of a monkey contemplating a human skull, this sculpture both amuses and intrigues. As the chimpanzee looks with a magnifying glass at the skull, he rests on a pile of books which reference Darwin's theory of evolution. We see an image on the book open at the front of silhouettes of a man evolving from ape to man and the word evolution. The most famous sculpture like this was first created by Hugo Rheinhold and mistakenly named Darwin's Mistake through the years.

This statue box of the Philosophizing Monkey is made from resin with a bronze finish, and measures 7"H x 3 7/8"W x 4 3/8"D. It is a trinket box which opens below the first book on which the chimp sits.

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