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Museumize:Samurai Archer Kneeling Sculpture - Kyujutsu - 5173

Samurai Archer with Bow and Arrow Kneeling Sculpture Kyujutsu 10.5H -

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Samurai Archer Kneeling - Kyujutsu. Mastering the art of Kyudo ('the way of the bow') broadens the senses and awakens the mind so that the Samurai's arrow flies true and far. Its form and technique is influenced by zen with the mastery of the bow demonstrating his progress along the "way to "Truth. The yumi (bow) is another of the deadly but elegant weapons in the Samurai's arsenal.

In kyudo you don't try to hit the target, it's a matter of precision and discipline: the relationship you have with the bow, the arrow, your body, and your mind....When you shoot, you can see the reflection of your mind, as in a mirror. The target is the mirror. When you release, you cut ego. You can see your own mind. -- explains Japanese Master Kanjuro Shibata.

Samurai figurine is made from cold cast bronze with hand painted details, 10.5 in H x 7.5 in W x 3.5 in D. Weighs 2.5 lbs. PN 5173

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