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Museumize:Samurai on Rock in Kimono with Sword Statue 9H

Samurai on Rock in Kimono with Sword Statue 9H -

  • 70.00 USD

Japanese Samurai in Kimono is in his village -- but always poised for duty. Bushido is the Way of the Warrior. Samurai were the Japanese Warrior Class, who served under their lord. They upheld a strict code of honor and without hesitation would commit suicide, seppuku, if requested by their lord or before they could be captured in battle. This kimono-clad samurai warrior is away from his duty but ready to deliver the enemy the arrow from his longbow should he be called to defend his people.

  • Made from cold cast bronze with hand painted details.
  • Measures 9 inH x 8.5 in W x 5 in D. Weighs 3.8 lbs.
  • NOTE: picture shows front and back views of the same statue.

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