Tang Horses Glazed Ceramic Statues, Set of Six, Small

PN# 8022
  • $42.00 USD

Tang Horses
The Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 AD) one of the most brilliant periods in China's long history - was characterized by a golden age in arts, literature, design and culture. Tang artisans favored the horse because of its remarkable value and skills in both farming and battle. The selection of Tang Horses here reflects the famous tri-color drip glaze technique perfected during this era.

The art of ceramics flourished during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). One of the major developments of this Dynasty came with the introduction of varicolored, soft glazes for use on ceramics. The most famous Tang Dynasty ceramic pieces include earthenware objects with tricolor glazes, amber, green and yellow. Ceramic horses were included in the tombs of the Tang Dynasty to ensure that the dead enjoyed the pleasures of life on earth. Chinese literature from that era portrays troupes of great imperial horses that were adorned with elaborate outfits and ate from elegant utensils.

Set of six different colored small horses is made from glazed ceramic, hand finished, and measures 5.0"H x4.5"W x 2"D each. Each piece will vary due to its handcrafted workmanship.

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