Tatoo Artist Creating a Tatoo Statue, Large 12H

  • $149.00 USD

This statue celebrates the Tattoo Profession by giving us a humorous view of the daily life working as a Tattoo Artist. We see a tattoo artist concentrating to make sure his design is accurate and the placement of his art positioned correctly. His client holds the design in his hand trying not to flinch in pain as the needle runs over the sensitive area of his back. The tattoo artist is confident in his work and arms himself with all the necessary tools including a tattoo gun, colored ink, autoclave, spray bottle and gloves.

Tattoo Artist Creating Art Statue
is part of the Professions Collection "Profisti" by Parastone. Made from resin with minute details and hand-painted delight. Measures: 12"H x 6"W x 6"D. Weight 8 lbs.

In the Profisti figurines of Professions statue, the Parastone artists Fons van Dommelen and Ed van Rosmalen capture the spirit of the real professional, the true tradesman, the genuine craftsman who is preoccupied in his professions, sometimes chaotic, but always fully dedicated.

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