Museumize:Three Circling Cats at Play Mini Porcelain Teapot - 8454

Three Circling Cats at Play Miniature Porcelain Teapot by Kelvin Chen

PN# 8454
  • $44.00 USD

Three Circling Cats play in a random design across the surface of this miniature teapot. The painting design has been adapted into a color depiction of the lively playful spontaneity of a group of cats. PN 8454

Set it on a shelf or in your curio cabinet next to all your favorite collectibles.

  1. Decorative miniature teapot is made from porcelain, hand painted enamel on all sides, decorative use only, and measures approximately 3.5 to 4 in H.
  2. Highly collectible as part of a series of Kelvin Chen miniature teapots. T
  3. he workmanship of the painting on all sides is beautiful.

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