Museumize:Time Caught Up in a Wave Melted Melting Clock - 8423

Time Caught Up in a Wave Melted Melting Clock Surrealism Inspired 10.75H

PN# 8423
  • $75.60 USD

Time Caught Up in a Wave Melted Melting Clock shows an antique style clock face which now melted seems to stretch as if riding a wave. The ten o'clock position has caught an upward thrust while the five o'clock is part of a downward swirl. The normally round clock face is now stretched in many different directions.

  • This desk clock is made from resin with hand painted antique face and gold colors.
  • Battery operated, self standing.
  • Measures 10.75"H. Weighs approx. 3 lbs.


This melting clock design is part of a series of liquefied looking clocks inspired by the artistry of Salvador Dali and his most famous painting of Surreal Time with a clock melted over a ledge. It is an homage to a great painter Dali who was inspired by the dream state of our minds in the Surrealism movement.

The artist for this clock has added art nouveau embellishments and a fluid design unique to itself. This clock rests on its own stand which is part of the melted design.

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