Museumize:Warming Down Ballet Porcelain Figurine - 8445

Warming Down Ballet Porcelain Figurine Statue

PN# 8445
  • $51.75 USD

Warming Down is an exercise that should be done after ballet practice. Warming down will allow the dancers body to transition from an exertion state to a resting state.

This dancer sits in an Indian style position with one arm up over her head and her upper body tilted to one side. She is taking deep breaths slowly in and out. Her music box sits next to her playing her favorite music while she warms down after her ballet practice. Warming Down ballet porcelain figurine is made from fine porcelain and measures 5 1/8"H.

Ballet is type of dance that originated in the 15th century and was developed into dance performances. Ballet is technical dance that has its own vocabulary. It is used world wide for its techniques that are used in many other dance genres. Ballet is also known for the use of choreography and music. Ballets are choreographed and performed by trained ballet dancers, and usually performed with classical music. Ballet requires many years of training to master and perform. Practice is important to retain accuracy and proficiency.

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