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Water Balloon Easy Fill and Tie with 80 Water Balloons -

  • 9.95 USD

Water balloon tie accessory makes knotting water balloons a snap -- Tie the balloon with only two fingers! Attach to water spicket. Use nozzle to fill balloon. Then use the tie device to easily tie the balloon knot. Filling water balloons becomes a joy and children can help! Great for summer parties, backyard fun, birthday parties, school events, July 4th celebrations.

This Splash Fun Pack includes 1 easy fill accessory and 80 water balloons.

Small parts not for children under 3 years. 3 to 8 with adult supervision. 8 and over Have Fun!

From a recent blog posting 4/16/12 at OC Family:

"I am a sucker for those Why didnt I think of that? products. And local company, Splash Party Inc., who is starting out with a one-product line, has just that. The story? A son asked his father to devise a product that would allow him to tie a filled water balloons easily. The result? A cool little gadget that you screw onto your faucet that allows you to fill and tie those little suckers in a matter of seconds. ANYONE can tie them with this! For those of you who have ever spent an entire afternoon trying to get enough balloons filled for a classroom party or backyard birthday, you will immediately understand the Ahhh! factor!

Interesting facts: I live at the beach and hate balloon debris because it works its way into the water. I spoke with the owner of this company and expressed my concerns. I learned two things. 1) Latex balloons are biodegradable. 2) Fish and sea life are attracted to smell (latex does not smell like food) and not color. Interesting. I still strongly believe that part of a water balloon battle should include a contest to see who can pick up the most balloon bits at the end, but I thought those facts were worth sharing."

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