White House USA Capitol Monument Washington DC Miniature Porcelain Box 3.75W

PN# TEB13840
  • $14.95 USD

This miniature porcelain box illustrates White House building set amidst sumptuous green gardens. The White House is the capitol building of the United States from where the president and his staff oversea the duties and business of the nation. It has been the residence of every american president since John Adams in 1800. As is a tradition with this type of miniature box, there is a tiny surprise inside. This one has a tiny USA flag.

  • Box is made from glazed porcelain ceramic, hand-painted with glossy and color details.
  • Measures 2 1/4 in H x 3 3/4 in W x 1 1/2 in D. Weighs 8 oz.

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