Winged Scarab with Sun Rays Egyptian Gold Tone Unisex Pendant Necklace

Winged Scarab with Sun Rays Egyptian Gold Tone Unisex Pendant Necklace

PN# T27830
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The Egyptian scarab was associated in ancient Egypt with the generative forces of the rising sun and with the concepts of eternal renewal. This pendant shows a scarab beetle with wing up above a red sun with sun rays and two ankhs, the symbol of life. Bring about change in your life in accordance with ancient Egyptian beliefs with these bright, amble sized dangle earrings. Pendant has a base color of gold decorated with the colors of red and black.

Wear this Unisex Egyptian Costume Jewelry when you dress up as Egyptian Pharaoh or Queen at your next halloween party or Night on the Nile party.

  • Pendant is made from lead free pewter. Hypoallergenic. PN T27830.
  • Measures 1 1/2 in L x 7/8 in W.
  • Pendant comes on a rubber necklace with secure claw clasp. Length is adjustable from 14 3/4 to 16 in long.

The beetle is known for coming out of the sand backwards dragging its ball of dung behind it along the ground before depositing it in underground tunnels as a source of food for its larvae, therefore symbolizing the sun's daily journey across the heavens from East to West. Scarabs thus became potent amulets and were often placed upon the breasts of mummies in the position of the heart as a symbol of new life. They were usually inscribed with part of chapter 30 of the Book of the Dead.

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