Zeus Holding Thunderbolt with Eagle Statue Large 19.7H

PN# 9100
  • $189.90 USD

Zeus prepares to hurl his mighty lightening bold through the sky. He stands on a puff of clouds with an energetic swirling stance full of anticipation. Zeus was the Greek King of all the Gods in Greek mythology and Lord of the Sky (Roman, Jupiter).

Zeus Jupiter Throwing Lightening Bolt with eagle Statue is made from cast resin with a bonded bronze finish. Measures 19.7 in H. Weighs approximately 20-25 pounds.

The lord of the sky, the god of rain, and the cloud gatherer, Zeus possessed the horrifying thunderbolt. Zeus was the youngest son of the gods Cronos and Rhea. Cronos swallowed his children, the Titans, because he feared one day, one of them would dethrone him. When Rhea finally gave birth to Zeus, she wrapped a stone in clothes for her husband to swallow. She hid the newborn god in Crete, where he was raised by nymphs. Zeus grew into maturity and confronted Cronos. His father was then forced to disgorge the other children, who were, by then, eager to get revenge on their father. Together, they defeated Cronos and divided up the universe.

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