Isis Holding Ankh Miniature Figurine PAIR for Fairy Garden or Egyptian Game Playing

PN# E-320GP-kit
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Isis was worshiped as the Great of Magic and called the Eye of Ra. With her husband Osiris and their son Horus they formed the main triad of Egyptian religion. Here Isis is seated on a throne and holds an ankh. We are selling this as a pair of 2 figurines. (E-320GP-kit)

If you like to collect Egyptian artifacts and portraits of gods, this miniature statuette of Isis would look lovely in your collection. Else, if you have a themed fairy garden in the Egyptian style, this would add a touch of historic authenticity.

  • Egyptian Isis Miniature Figurine Pair is made from resin with hand painted gold and color details, black base with hieroglyphs.
  • Measures 3.5 in H x 2 in L each. Weighs 2 ounces each.
  • Set includes 2 pieces.

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