Vases Greek

greek vases imported from greece museum quality high end terracottaThe Greek Vase was a functional object common in ancient daily life. It was used for drinking, eating, cooking and transporting foods and liquids. The shapes give us insight into its primary use and the designs on the outside illustrate religious scenes of their ancient pagan gods or famous historical events. We often find images of Athena The Warrior, Hercules the Hero, Dionysos in the Bacchanal, and famous stories from the Trojan War. They were also used in very early times as a funerary urn buried in the ground with the ashes of the deceased. In Greece today, the tradition of Greek vase making continues as artists create terracotta vases in the age old tradition and paint scenes from ancient Greek pattern books. We hope you enjoy celebrating ancient Greek and Roman history by looking at these classical vase reproductions.

Greek vase reproductions are limited in number because they are very expensive to export from Greece. Once ours are sold, they will be retired.