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We take our commitment to bringing lost culture alive very seriously. And we prize you, our customer, like the cultural antiquities we sell. 

Headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Museumize by Talaria Enterprises sells museum reproductions of famous statues, paintings and home at competitive prices. Online since 1997, our collection boasts over 2,000 items and is constantly growing! We enjoy being your leading art reproduction specialist and search the world over in our travels to bring the best reproductions to you at the best value. It is our goal to please both the experienced art collector and the general gift shopper. You can't find this selection and service anywhere else! And why is this our goal? It's simple. We love art!

For our curator, we have Nina Christensen (M.A.), an art historian and college instructor, who has the scholarly experience to guide us with our selection. Nina has a Master of Arts in Art History with an emphasis on the Roman Era and has shared her love of art with students at a local college. Nina is instrumental in identifying artworks with cultural, mythological, and political significance. Under her direction, each artwork is researched and identified with a description/provenance card so as to pass along a rich understanding of the historical value of the artwork to our customers.

Our array of art reproductions vary in material - from compound stone and plaster for indoor use in your home decor to resin, crushed stone and fiberglass for exterior use in your garden decor -- and in size ranging from 3 inches tall to over 6 feet high. Some are licensed reproductions from the foundations, galleries, and museums where the originals are exhibited such as: British Museum, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Vatican Library, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, and even the Louvre in Paris. Others are timeless copies which convey the same historical authenticity but are adapted into useful, stylish, and functional home decor such as bookends, a table base, display-stand, lamp, pen, mouse pad or jewelry box.

Initially, we took the approach of offering sculpture reproductions because we found there were few sources offering a comprehensive selection which spanned the ages and many different cultures. Passionate about conveying a history of many diverse peoples from around the world, we dove into our quest to bring Archeology alive and the Mystery of the Museum into the homes of our customers. Our goal has always been to please and to educate. Our customers come from many different venues - from universities, museums, and corporations, to the retail sector of decorators, lawyers, homemakers, travelers and educators. Many of our pieces have gone on to bask in the limelight of Hollywood by either appearing in film, television or at Disneyland itself!

The history of sculpture reproductions - and its significance within many earlier eras - was examined in length in the book, "Sculpture and Its Reproductions," edited by Anthony Hughes and Erich Ranfft. The contributors highlighted many significant contributions of "copies" and noted that "reproduction has always been at the heart of sculptural practice". The Romans were thought to have developed a taste for Greek Sculpture from admiring the hundreds of ancient statues brought back home as booty by their victorious armies, and to have preferred Greek copies to originals by their own artists. From the Renaissance onwards, ancient sculptural fragments were collected, restored and given currency by means of many reproductive processes. So it is through studying "copies" that we can better understand our history and our present age.

We take our commitment to bringing lost culture alive very seriously. And we prize you, our customer, like the cultural antiquities we sell. Our customer service revolves around understanding your needs and fulfilling your requests. From our personal customer service to our timely shipping, we aspire to give your requests a "white glove treatment". We understand that our customers have special needs regarding good communication, a secure ordering environment, and efficient delivery. Each order is double-checked by our staff for accuracy and safe packaging. Whether a domestic or international shipment, we offer the best shipping rates available and often reduce fees as appropriate once the order is packed. We also take every precaution to protect your personal information and utilize a safe transaction and shopping environment. It is important to us that your credit card and personal information remain secure and in safe hands. We never give out your personal information to mailing lists or other companies. Your trust is paramount to the ethical standards we maintain.

We don't stop there! Museumize.com also includes, at no extra charge, a color gift card with gift shipments for your loved one. We also manufacture our own custom display stands in house so you can show off your new and favorite collections. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service is always ready to answer your questions either by phone or email. We hire employees with artistic minds who are passionate about ancient civilization. Everyone who works for us is either already an art enthusiast or quickly becomes one.

Explore our store. It's easy! We run sales and discounts everyday! Thank you for visiting with us. We hope you find a warm place in your heart, as we have, for these historical treasures that have lasted throughout the ages.

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