Museumize:Human Male Homosapien Prehistoric Skull Replica 12H

Human Male Homosapien Prehistoric Skull Replica 12H

PN# 5094
  • $173.00 USD

Human Male Homosapien Skull Replica with an extremely impressive and realistic appearance. Because of the intricate detail of our skulls from humans and their superiority over the many plastic skulls on the market, medical students and artists are able to study and appreciate these replicas as if they were real.

Made from compound stone with hand-painted details to replicate the most minute details, 12 in H x 9 in W x 9 in D. Weighs approx. 7 lbs. PN 5094

NOTE: for archaeological authenticity and for ease of studying, skull and jawbone and not attached. Skull rests on top of jawbone as pictured.

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