Garden Finial - Fruit and Flower Basket Cement Lawn Ornament 22H x 13W

PN# HPG-5282AE
  • $205.00 USD

This timeless garden finial has a 22-inch Country Urn filled with Fruit and Flowers on a square base. The finial evokes the abundance of spring with its assortment of freshly picked produce from the garden. Made of high-quality cement, it is cast to stand up to outdoor elements and last for years. Perfect for adding a classic touch to any outdoor space.

Measures 22 in H x 13 in W x 13 in D. The base is 9 in W x 9 in D. Material: cast cement. English Antique finish. PN HPG-5582AE

Made to order in USA. Usually ships in 2 to 4 weeks.

More about Finials: The most common shape for a garden finial is a pointed or tapered form resembling a spire or obelisk. However, finials can also take the form of animals, mythical creatures, flowers, or other decorative motifs. These designs can add a whimsical or thematic touch to the garden, reflecting the owner's personal taste or the overall style of the outdoor space.

Garden finials are often used as decorative toppers for elements such as pergolas, fence posts, gate entrances, or even the apex of a roof. They can also be placed on pedestals or plinths to create standalone focal points within the garden.

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