Anubis Ancient Egyptian God of Dead Saluting the Rising Sun Statue 8H

PN# E-219GP
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Anubis, the jackal headed Egyptian God of the Dead, is shown here in the Praise and Glorification pose known as the Henu pose. Anubis and sometimes Horus are often shown in this pose where they salute the rising sin each dawn. Anubis kneels with one knee down and the other up as he holds up one fist towards the sky. His other hand is close to his heart. (PN E-219GP)

  • Anubis Statue is made from crushed stone and resin with hand painted antique gold and color details, black base.
  • Measures 8 in H x 4.25 in W x 4.75 in D. Base is 3.25 in W. Weighs 2-3 lbs.

This is a finely made ancient Egyptian replica well painted details and a handsome antique gold. Hieroglyphs appear on all sides of the black base.

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