Woman Wizard Drawing Down Moon Wiccan Sorcery Unisex Pewter Pendant Necklace 2L

Woman Wizard Drawing Down Moon Wiccan Sorcery Unisex Pewter Pendant Necklace 2L

PN# WIC-151
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This pendant illustrates a woman (witch?) dressed in a wizard's cloak reaching up and "drawing down the moon". The moon is accented by a colorful, mystical fuchsia pink cabachon. The image is both mystical and romantic. Although nobody seems to know exactly where this image -- "Drawing Down the Moon" -- comes from, the figure of a woman visualizing the moon in her upraised hands is one of the most important, even archetypal, symbols in women's spirituality.

The Moon is female, mysterious, ancient and a source of life. She cocoons herself in darkness each month, and each month she emerges reborn into the view of the peoples of the Earth. The woman who aspires to union with the Goddess germinates these same qualities by developing her power to nurture both herself and others.

This image also illustrates a spiritual practice. On the night of the full moon, devotees of the Goddess withdraw from worldly things, silence their minds, and stand alone facing the Moon. They close their eyes, and raise their hands above their heads. Next they pretend that the moon is descending into the space between their hands. When they can actually feel the presence of the Moon in their hands, their hands are said to acquire the power to heal the sick through touch alone.

  • Woman Wizard Drawing Down Moon Pendant measures 2 in L x 1/2 in W x 1/16 in thick.
  • Made out of Fine Pewter, lead free. Weighs 1 ounce. (WIC-151)
  • Pendant comes on a legend card with a 33 inch long black cord
  • Part of the Wicca Wiccan Sorcery Collection.

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