Museumize:Dogs Playing Poker A Bold Bluff Tapestry 52W

Dogs Playing Poker A Bold Bluff Woven Cotton Tapestry 52W

PN# 6773
  • $170.00 USD

This Dogs Playing Poker A Bold Bluff Tapestry illustrates a group of dogs sitting around a poker table playing cards. It's the moment of suspense when one dog's bold bluff is revealed. Adapted from a famous painting, Dogs Playing Poker

Woven on jacquard looms in the tradition of European tapestries beloved and collected for centuries, this tapestry collection has the quality of a European import, but is made proudly here in the USA. The colors are vibrant and rich and the texture is authentic.

  • Material: woven cotton or chenille. Size: 52 in W x 35 in H.
  • Made to order, delivery in 1-3 weeks. PN 6773
  • Rod and tassels pictured sold separately included.

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