Knight and Horse Wearing Armor Statue Philadelphia Museum of Art 14.25H

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A Knight and Horse are wearing armor that is traditional of the early 16th century. The knight's armor is one of a few complete, or reasonably complete, European field armors surviving. It is part of the Philadelphia Museum of Art's collection along with the suited horse. The horse's armor is the earliest complete example outside of Europe. It is also the only surviving horse armor by Wilhem von Worms, and illustrious armorer in the city of Nuremberg.

  • German Man’s Armor for use in the field, created c.1505 in Landshut by Mttthes Deutsch.
  • German Horse Armor of Duke Ulrich of Württemberg, for use in the field. Created in 1507 in Nuremberg by Wilhelm von Worms the Elder and an anonymous graphic artist.

This finely detailed replica measures 14.25 in H x 13.5 in W x 4.75 in D including base. Base alone measures 10.75 in L x 4.75 in D x 0.9 in D. It has small details in black, grey and gold. The statue weighs 9-10 lbs.

It is a stellar example of historical armor with an identified provenance and history. The original statue can be seen in The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Reproduced by Parastone for their museum collectibles collection.

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