Museumize:Egyptian Five Sacred Symbols Charm Bracelet 7.5L - 6540

Egyptian Charm Bracelet Five Sacred Symbols Museum Jewelry 7.5L

PN# 6540
  • $99.00 USD

This Egyptian Five Sacred Symbols Charm Bracelet has five important symbols from ancient Egyptian times. They include: hieroglyph tablet, sphinx, pharaoh, sacred eye and the falcon. Hieroglyphs were pictures which when written together formed words and written messages. The sphinx was depicted in the shape of a lion with the head of pharaoh. He was often a guardian placed in front of temples for protection and symbolized the unification of natural and spiritual power. The image of the pharaoh was repeated through many generations with his linen headdress to represent continuity from each dynasty. The sacred eye was a protective device, and is seen in amulets and jewelry. The falcon was worshiped as a cosmic deity, whose body represented the heavens and whose eyes were the sun and moon.

Egyptian Five Sacred Symbols Charm Bracelet is made in 24K antique gold plate over pewter. Measures: 7.5 in L. Charms drop down 1.25 in L.

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