Greek Drinking Party with Two Figures on Couches Greek Vase 13.25H

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This Greek vase reproduction illustrates two participants in a dinner party who recline on couches. They fling their drinking cups, kylix, which would have been filled with wine. It was a game played at dinner parties. The vase has a large handle and Greek motif embellishments around all sides. The figures are done in the white figure style. Bottom says copy hand painted by P. Vaglis, Attic Oinochoe 430 BC.

Gallery quality reproduction made in Greece from terra-cotta, hand spun on the wheel, certified by the Greek Ministry with a pewter seal, and measures 13.25inH x 7.5inW x 7.5inD. Decorative use only.

This vase is no longer manufactured. As such, it is a treasure for Greek collector as it is hard to come by in this great quality. The painted details have a recently unearthed finish. Our vase is already over 15 years old!

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