Wall Plaques - Medallion Vintage High Style Flowers with Basket Weave 21H x 25.5W

Wall Plaques - Medallion Vintage High Style Flowers with Basket Weave 21H x 25.5W

PN# HP-3361MW
  • $249.00 USD

The round wall sculpture is a visually stunning piece that combines various elements to create a sense of high style with a country French undertone. It features flowers, a basket weave pattern, garlands, and fancy scrolls, all contributing to its intricate design. The sculpture is designed to make a grand presentation, evoking the aesthetics of southern colonial or country vintage styles.

With its square or rectangular shape, the sculpture effectively fills a wall space while still emphasizing curves and roundness, creating a visually dynamic effect. Its depth of 6 inches allows it to project off the wall, resembling an architectural detail rather than a flat artwork.

Overall, this sculpture is designed to make a bold and impressive statement, eliciting a "Wow" response from viewers.

Measures 21 in H x 25.5 in W x 6 in D. Material: reinforced plaster. Museum White finish. Ready to hang. PN HP-3361MW.

Made to order in USA. Usually ships in 2 to 4 weeks. 

Wall Sculptures as Interior Decor: 

Wall sculptures have a rich history as interior decor in old world castles and homes. They have been used to adorn the walls of palaces, mansions, and other grand residences throughout various time periods and regions. In the 19th century, there was a renewed interest in historical revival styles. Neoclassicism and Gothic Revival influenced the design of castles and grand residences, with wall sculptures often taking inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman art, as well as medieval and Renaissance motifs. Sculptures featuring architectural elements, such as columns and pilasters, were popular during this time.

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