Wall Plaques - Rue de France Shell Organic Vintage Narrow Wall Decor Ornament 6H x 24.2W

PN# HP-3322MW
  • $89.00 USD

This narrow wall plaque illustrates a shell at center with graceful organic ivy tendrils on both sides. It is a sophisticated vintage wall hanging that evokes turn of the century Paris suitable for a bohemian feminine room.  Do you have a niche in your bathroom calling out for some love? Add this throwback vintage decor to elevate your home style. 

Measures 6 in H x 24.2 in W x 2 in D. Material: reinforced plaster. Museum White finish. Ready to hang. PN HP-3322MW.

Made to order in USA. Usually ships in 2 to 4 weeks. 

Wall Sculptures as Interior Decor: 

Wall sculptures have a rich history as interior decor in old world castles and homes. They have been used to adorn the walls of palaces, mansions, and other grand residences throughout various time periods and regions. In the 19th century, there was a renewed interest in historical revival styles. Neoclassicism and Gothic Revival influenced the design of castles and grand residences, with wall sculptures often taking inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman art, as well as medieval and Renaissance motifs. Sculptures featuring architectural elements, such as columns and pilasters, were popular during this time.

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