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I wanted to make mention of the new cat figurines we carry from famous French illustrator Albert Dubout. These cats are silly, playful, and all around fun to look at!

DUB25-5TDubout was a famous French illustrator who had a very large portfolio. His illustrations were seen in many books, magazines, journals, set designs, advertisements, record sleeves, and even movie posters! This particular series features the every day lives of our friendly felines.

The Dubout cats are fun! The subtle expressions on their faces DUB21-2Tmake you chuckle because they portray real cats so well. These cats are very meticulously produced utilizing an airbrush technique application with attention to detail. The texture of the cats tail is designed to mimic Dubout’s quick pen lines. In particular the DUB21 “The Third Eye” is just plain hilarious. The emphasis is on the cat’s rear end, and has its head turned back making it seem as though the cat has a third eye. The cat’s tail is sticking straight up like an exclamation point and the blank stare on its face just screams of silliness!

These figurines are very playful and are so well produced with attention to detail. I think these products depict the work of Dubout very well and make for an exciting figurine.

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