Vincent Van Gogh Troubled Individual and Master Artist

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I want to discuss the work of Vincent Van Gogh. I find his work to be quite beautiful and full of life. I also think that it’s kind of ironic due to the fact that he killed himself at the early age of 37. Most people know of the self mutilation incident when he cut off his own ear, but it seems as though the vibrant and soothing images were the work of a very troubled man.

It seemed that he was always conflicted and was looking to find his place in the world. Dealing with a lot of pressure from family and rejection from women in his life (who wouldn’t go crazy?), he always seemed to struggle. He started drawing at an early age and eventually decided to be an artist. Like many artists, he seemed to have issues separating business from art. Nonetheless he had amazing talent! You can certainly see the progression of his artistic style through his life.

He met Gauguin around 1886 which changed his style of painting. The post-impressionist movement really lightened his color scheme. Eventually he opened his own art school in Arles. Gauguin joined him after many requests only to be chased by Vincent with a razor just a few years later. Then in a fit of madness cut off his ear lobe which landed him in the asylum. Just a few years later he shot himself in the chest.

Interestingly enough I think he did some of his best work later in life during his bouts of metal illness and depression. My favorite in particular is the Starry Night. 

His illness manifested itself onto the canvas in a swirling, colorful and moving unique technique. I find his style to be uplifting and calming, but almost in motion because of the thick brush strokes.

Vincent Van Gogh was a troubled individual but it seems as though the most talented artist usually are!

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