New Gothic Wedding Cake Topper and Day of the Dead Statues

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Day of the Dead Celebration (Día de los Muertos) is a three-day event in Mexico (early November) and parts of the US in which people celebrate their ancestors. They wear skull masks as a tribute to death and rebirth. The art associated with this ritual originates from Aztec and early Mexican eras and is characterized by images of skeletons, skulls, and folkloric costume. More recently, the skull motifs and ornamental designs have been popularized as tattoos, collectibles, and home decor.

We recently added a collection of Day of the Dead Statues in honor of their recent popularity. Two statues showing a bride and groom have been popular as wedding cake toppers for themed parties. One customer commented that the Gothic Couple Statue (below at left) was a perfect addition to their Victorian Gothic Wedding. The statue's design plays on both the skull motif and funeral clothes typical of the late 19th century. The Wedding Couple Statue (below at right) illustrates the skeletons wearing clothing traditional for a wedding -- black tux for groom and white dress for bride. Also part of our collection is a tribute to Frida Kahlo (Mexican surrealist painter) and Mariachi Bands.

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