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Christie's auction house is set to sell Umberto Boccioni's Futurism Man. Only a handful of castings exist in the world. 

This statue Futuristic Man by Umberto Boccioni embraces the Italian Futurists' interest in dynamismIt is an icon of early modern art.

In 1912, Boccioni wrote his Manifesto technico della scultura futuristica. He advocated experimenting with the simultaneous use of different materials in dynamic forms, with a focus on the "abstract reconstruction and not the figurative, form-determining meaning of planes and volumes". The bronze figure with the telling title Unique forms of continuity in space (Forme uniche della continuita nello spazio from 1913) reflects his approach to life, as a futurist, which was lively, dynamic and future-oriented.

We sell a licensed reproduction by Parastone Mouseion 3D. PN BOC01. Affordable small scale replica of Boccioni's Unique forms of continuity in Space (Futuristic Man).

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