Stora Hammar Viking Runestone Medieval Woven Tapestry 50L

Stora Hammar Viking Runestone Medieval Woven Tapestry 50L

PN# 6831
  • $129.00 USD

This Stora Hammar Stone Tapestry adds unique and functional textile art to your home or office walls as it draws the viewer into the depth and texture of the image while adding an acoustic elegance. Woven on jacquard looms in the tradition of European tapestries beloved and collected for centuries, this tapestry collection has the quality of a European import, but is made proudly here in the USA. The colors are vibrant and rich and the texture is authentic. (PN 6831)

About the Stora Hammar Viking Runestone in Sweden: "Depicted are scenes with mythological, religious and martial background, including a sacrifice scene with a Valknut over the altar, and a longship manned with armed warriors. It has been interpreted as illustrating the legend of Hildr. The runestone includes an image of a warrior about to be hung from a tree with a Valknut nearby, considered to be Odin's cult symbol, giving validity to reports regarding human sacrifice in Norse paganism." -- from Wikipedia

  • Material: woven cotton or chenille. Measures 26" x 50".
  • NOTE: hanging rod and tassels are not included; sold separately. 
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About Our Tapestries: Our tapestries are Made in the USA. They range from traditional and conservative, to fun and vibrant, to contemporary and transitional. Tapestries are simply great art that is woven as a textile. Each tapestry is woven on jacquard looms and utilizes between nine and eighteen miles of thread. The combination of the thread colors and weaving creates a unique art experience that changes with each viewing angle. Tapestries are also extremely practical. They are generously sized and due to the efficiencies in modern weaving, are generally priced competitively with other forms of art.

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