Egyptian Cedar with Citrus Fragrance Oil and Incense Sticks by Flaires Bundle

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The oil was made from the foliage of the Cedar tree in Egypt and used during the mummification process. This cedar oil blend has a strong overtone of citrus with an undertone of wood. It can be used to clear the smell palette of your room by burning or mixing in potpourri, creams or candles.

  • Kit includes (1) 15ml glass bottle (0.5oz) (PN L-351) and (1) 3-pack of 16 incense sticks = 48 sticks.
  • Oil has a sweet citrus smell with a hint of warm wood. Incense sticks add depth to the smell with a little more hint of wood.
  • Olfactory Family: Egyptian.
  • Components: Tangerine, Lime, Cedar, Patchouli.
  • Esoteric Use: renewal.

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